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I'm Dave McDermott. 

I'm a transformational coach with 15 years of coaching experience. 

I work with a select number of private clients who are ready to engage with me at an elite-level.

I serve my clients through powerful conversations that help them realise their deepest dreams.

I know what it’s like to feel powerless and I know what it’s like to feel powerful. Paradoxically, having a deep understanding of the state of powerlessness helps me to see the great power lying dormant in the clients I work with, and support them to see it for themselves.   

You need to meet five criteria, if we are to consider working together:

  • You must be inspiring, or have an inspiring mission.

  • You must make, or want to make, a big impact on the world. 

  • You must be fun.

  • You must bring along a challenge. I’m not looking for an easy ride.

  • And you must understand the power of commitment.

If this is you, then keep reading.


"After my experience with you, I know I’ll be able to relate confidently to women for the rest of my life"

Col Barrow
Technical Specialist

"Hi Dave, I’ve been wanting to reply to this email for months, but held back because I was waiting until the business aspect of my vision had made significant headway (which only ever seemed a week away). Well that day has come. I left my job a month ago and as of yesterday I have my first sales and paying clients. My new business is taking off. Things are lining up for me, almost eerily in their timing as far as having a vision and then manifesting that vision. My focus has shifted more towards my business and less towards women, although I am still very much enjoying my relating to women. I am still reeling at the fact that it has been less than a year since we worked together, so I am incredibly grateful for the work we did together and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment and flexibility in working with me."

Adrian Franklin

"Dave is a person of authenticity, integrity and sincerity. He also has a deep heart of compassion. His warm manner creates an atmosphere of safety. His deeper, whole approach is refreshing. With a combination of insightful feedback, positive reinforcement and honesty, he helps identify deeper blocks and changes underlying mental and emotional processes and attitudes that may be disrupting growth. I have experienced significant growth and change with longer lasting results with his support. Dave was a catalyst for assisting me in finding my life’s purpose, which I will be forever grateful for."

David Haddad

"Unlike many people, I’ve had quite a bit of experience with purchasing the assistance of different coaches. Dave is amongst the best. He has a native capability to intuitively find the question that unlocks the next layer of my understanding. Each layer, a freedom from the last. I certainly recommend his services to anyone who feels like they are stuck, flailing around on the surface of some limitation that they just can’t seem to see or understand."

Justin Connor
Strategy Consultant


I've challenged myself in many ways, so that I can serve people powerfully. The worlds I've explored include:

  • Cathartic release work using Gestalt Therapy
  • Pyschology of Group Dynamics
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Executive Coaching
  • Management Consulting
  • Training other coaches in my own methodologies
  • 18 years of meditation twice a day 
  • and much more

I’ve invested countless hours and a great deal of money in my own growth. I have worked with a number of the world's best coaches, and have many heroes and mentors too numerous to list here.  

My coaching is powerful and so my clients get powerful results.  

I do NOT focus on one specific problem when I work with a client. We dive into career & purpose, we explore your relationships, your financial life, and your relationship with yourself.

I help you get clear on what you really really really want in these areas, then support you to create that for yourself. 

If you like what you've read and want to experience my coaching firsthand, then let’s have a powerful conversation.

Schedule a free discovery call with me by clicking on the button below.

I look forward to speaking with you.


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