Our Understanding & Gratifying Women retreat intensive for men is running from 10-12 November in Byron Bay.

This retreat is designed to serve both men in relationship as well as single men and goes deep into helping you feel more confident in your ability to connect with and deeply satisfy women emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

Are you struggling to remain relaxed and confident in front of women you’re attracted to? Or are you finding it challenging to let women in emotionally because of a painful experience in the past? Or are you unsatisfied in the bedroom? Or all of these and more?

During this retreat we will be cultivating your masculinity and ability to deeply satisfy her at all levels. You'll experience a shift towards being magnetic to women, rather than feeling you need to pursue them. We’ll be working on connecting deeply with women through the use of eye contact, breath awareness, touch, and energy.

All activities are fully-clothed and non-sexual, and ALL boundaries respected at ALL times.

The areas of focus are:

  • Getting clear on the vision of the man you want be in the world;
  • Cultivating masculinity and depth of presence;
  • How to hold space for and welcome a woman’s strong emotional expression;
  • How to authentically entice a woman’s desire without resorting to manipulation;
  • Being able to connect with and deeply satisfy women emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • The fundamentals of sexual self-mastery;
  • and much more

These are qualities that women are yearning for. Men who have attended this retreat report deep and profound transformation in their masculinity, sex lives, and relationships with women. Some of their testimonials are included further below.  

Women also attend a component of the retreat to support the men.

There are 25 places available for this event, with only a small number of spots remaining, so get in touch soon if you'd like to attend. 

To find out more, contact Dave McDermott at:   or   0449895517



"Dave thank you for creating the opportunity for us men to get together, especially in such a magical part of nature. The location itself had a wonderful effect on me and left me feeling refreshed and peaceful. It was great to connect with fellow men who are also on the journey to becoming better and evolved men. I felt safe to speak my heart and be myself, which your leadership helped to facilitate. I feel gratitude for you, for your vision, and that you even run such workshops and retreats is testament to the work you are doing on and for yourself. That makes you a deeply trustable man in my eyes, and a man who values integrity, vulnerability and authenticity.

What I especially loved about your retreat was being able to connect with men in a playful way, from dancing with each other to swimming in the billabong together, and also wrestling with each other on the grass. Actually, that was totally my favourite part! I have longed for that sort of male bonding and playfulness for so long, so thank you again for creating and facilitating that experience to happen"

Cain A., Gold Coast


"Turns out the fear I had around intimacy included being afraid of women I was attracted to. In simple terms, when I felt attracted to a woman, I either collapsed internally, or ran away.

Presence exercise with women on retreat. I was totally in the fire, right up against my fears in this piece. It hammered home the fact that I was actually - not theoretically - afraid, in my body, of women I was attracted to, and importantly, of OWNING that desire. This gave me a big piece to work on.

Women I am interested in have started responding to me, and in a couple of cases have been the ones to make the first move, or to follow up after our first interaction … So, there have been really significant shifts in my self-perception, and how I am perceived by others (I am getting regular positive feedback around how I am seen), big shifts in my ability to act in the world, and in my moment to moment experience of the world.”

Hamish D., Auckland


"Working with Dave was really powerful. I’m feeling a lot more in tune with my body, Small realisations that made a big impact in my relationships with women. How I come across to women was a big thing. While working with Dave I had my best experience I’ve ever had with women, exploring dance, open communication, and meeting beautiful women. 

Amazing that changes that appear quite small have made such a big impact on how I feel and how I’m interacting. A woman recently said she was really drawn in to my energy and wanted to know more about me. I’d never had feedback like that before. I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun in dating. I’d recommend Dave to any man who wants to get his shit handled around sex and women.”

Tom N., Sydney