This is a topic that IMO needs to be brought out more into the public conversation.

My views on anal pleasure (both in self-pleasuring and in love-making with a partner) have been transformed in the last year, particularly by working through Jack Morin’s exercises in his book on Anal Pleasure & Health.

These exercises were focused on self-exploration of my own anus and have led to a totally new world of pleasure for me. I often use a vibrator to stimulate my own anus either self-pleasuring or in love play. It doesn't matter whether I ejaculate or not. I always find pleasure in my anus. Like a LOT of pleasure. I have an Aneros Prostate Massager just arrived today to bring into the action shortly :)

I also came to understand how to give a woman an AMAZING anal penetration experience where her whole body is flooded with pleasure throughout the entire experience. A COMMITMENT TO ZERO-PAIN IS ESSENTIAL.

Many women carry trauma from male partners who just “stuck it in there” and jackhammered away anally, leading to a very painful experience for her that understandably she had no desire to re-experience.

This trauma can be worked through to the point where feelings of pain, cold sweats, etc at the prospect of anal sex, can be replaced with immense pleasure through the whole experience, including mind-blowing multiple blended orgasms.

She needs to be warmed up big time, with lots of foreplay, ideally a number of whole body orgasms with other forms of sex play first, and plenty of stimulation on the external anus, ideally with a vibrator. Ensure she is in a position where her knees are up against her chest (opens up the rectal wall and avoids the pain caused by the penis hitting the rectal wall at an uncomfortable angle).

Let her begin the movement so that she controls the rhythm, at least to begin with. Use plenty of lube.

My partner and I have been on an incredible journey with this.

Having the confidence to open up this conversation with your woman is a big thing in itself. Men struggle to ask for what they want, and experience frustration as a result.

Women really respect it when their man asks for what he wants.

I go into this much more deeply in my retreats, with the next one coming up in mid-October.

I encourage every man to explore the deep pleasure potential that lies within his anus, as well as going on the journey of understanding how to give a woman an amazing zero-pain anal experience.

And I’d love to hear how you go.