Are you struggling to create the romantic life you desire?

Do you feel women you're attracted to are out of your reach?

Would you like to understand how to seduce a women without being pushy or inauthentic?

Our Understanding Women retreat is for men who are looking to:
- Understand women more deeply.
- Create healthier relationships with women. 
- Be comfortable with expressing your masculinity and sexual desire.
- Understand the importance of purpose in your relationships with women
- Be able to welcome a woman’s strong emotional expression.
- Learn how to seduce women authentically.
- Understand what women are yearning for in the bedroom and how to give them that. 

We'll be doing some men's work for the first day, then relating work with some amazing women on the second day of the workshop.

On the second day Dave will be joined by his partner Helena, a sexpert and Tantra teacher, who will be running some of the relating sessions with the men and women together.



"Turns out the fear I had around intimacy included being afraid of women I was attracted to. In simple terms, when I felt attracted to a woman, I either collapsed internally, or ran away.

Presence exercise with women on retreat. I was totally in the fire, right up against my fears in this piece. It hammered home the fact that I was actually - not theoretically - afraid, in my body, of women I was attracted to, and importantly, of OWNING that desire. This gave me a big piece to work on.

Women I am interested in have started responding to me, and in a couple of cases have been the ones to make the first move, or to follow up after our first interaction”

Hamish Daley, Psychology Student, Auckland



when and WHERE

Sat 26 MAY - SUN 27 MAY 2018

Baileys on Fernleigh

24 Fernleigh Road

Tintenbar, NSW, 2478





Tickets are $395 including GST.

Includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea both days. 

Attendees will need to organise their own accomodation. 

Each day runs from 9am to 5.30pm.


Secure your place at: 


About Dave


Dave is a Masculine Empowerment Coach with a passion for helping good men relate to women more authentically, so they'll have healthy romantic lives.

His personal story is one of growing up with sexual repression and working through the effects of that, which led him to deeply explore his own sexuality and masculinity.

Dave runs The Empowered Man program for men and leads workshops and retreats both in Australia and internationally. 

Outside these arenas you'll probably find him surfing a wave around Byron Bay or sitting back with a cup of tea somewhere peacefUL.








“I’m still coming down from an amazing high from last retreat with Dave and Helena. Inspirational stuff.

Together they created a truly magical team with tasks to take you out of your comfort zone and allowed us all to go balls deep with vulnerability and total effortless presence. We shared some deep and raw emotions, without judgement.

The circle work or puja was the most intriguing for me as I personally have been very guarded with letting anyone in let alone being vulnerable with women as a whole.

I am in transition myself between relationships and I feel this work is ideal for those to understand what it takes to show up in the world. The overall experience will leave you totally spellbound. There are no limits to the positive vibe. I’m still buzzing.

Col Barrow, Technical Specialist, Melbourne