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In our work with men, we've discovered that most men fundamentally look for depth of connection with amazing women. They want to be able to successfully approach women that they find attractive and they want to create beautiful intimacy with them. 

Although in this course we do place a focus on approaching women and dating, it is just as relevant for men in relationships as it is for single men. For men in relationships the principles taught here apply to how you approach YOUR woman, how you seduce her, and how to give her an amazing experience in the bedroom. 

In this online program, we go deeply into how you as a man can be successful with women you desire through a totally honest and authentic approach. This approach will help you overcome insecurity in the form of fear of rejection or concern about coming across as pushy.

 We answer many questions that men struggle with, including:

  • Where to meet amazing women
  • What do women truly want & how to give them that
  • How to approach her in a way that opens her up and gives you the best chance of creating a connection with her
  • How to ask for her number and ask her out on a date
  • How to move things into the bedroom
  • Healthy relationship principles
  • and much more.




If you’d like to dive deep into the world of REALLY great sex, then check out this Tantric Mastery course. This is a 7-week online training for men to become the kind of lover that women dream about.

In the Tantric Mastery course you’ll learn how to use a range of different tantric tools and practices to unlock your woman’s deep orgasmic potential.

You’ll learn how to give your partner a mind-blowing tantric massage. You’ll also learn to take full control over your excitement and arousal, allowing you to last as long as you want in bed and have multiple full-body non-ejaculatory energetic orgasms.

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If you’re ready to go all the way, our most advanced online offering is our three-month Legendary Lover program. In addition to the practices from the Tantric tradition, this advanced program also draws on the elements of somatic sexology, yoga, Taoism, shamanism, breath work, as well as a number of other traditions.

Legendary Lover takes you through a six-step process, diving deep into each and every area of your sex life in order to find all limiting beliefs, blockages and wounding that need healing. You will develop much healthier, embodied practices in the bedroom and deeply skilful ways to pleasure your partner.

You’ll also learn how to take sexual energy out of the bedroom and live an ecstatic life wherever you go. Our sexuality holds keys to amazing life force, creativity, joy, passion and wellness that we can tap into and enjoy once we know how.

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The Tantric Mastery and Legendary Lover courses are available at a discount as a combination package together, for a 20-week journey of Tantra, sacred sex, deep intimacy and blissful pleasure.



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This is a 7-week online journey for women, created by my partner Helena. 

The time has come for the modern woman to feel sexy in her skin and to reawaken her goddess within. To heal her emotional and sexual wounding and to become sensual, vibrant and empowered through her sexuality.

Areas of focus of this course are:

  • Taking charge of your sexuality and orgasms, 
  • Learning to become empowered in the bedroom and outside of it, 
  • Restoring and reawakening your true pleasure potential,
  • Exploring vaginal orgasms, female ejaculation and full body ecstasy?

At the end of this path, you'll come out feeling like a new, better, more sensual version of yourself. You will build confidence, attraction and charisma in your body. You will cultivate your sexual force and power.

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These online programs were created by Dave and his partner Helena. They draw on a range of fields including Tantra, Taoism, Sexological Bodywork, Orgasmic Yoga, NLP, Gestalt therapies, Shamanic approaches, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Embodied Counselling, and much more, to deeply address what’s holding people back from living the life they really want and creating the sex lives and relationships they desire.

Both Helena and Dave come from an upbringing of sexual repression and have done a great deal of work to step into and discover their own sexual power. They are passionate about helping other men and women do the same.



Dave is an Empowerment Coach with a passion for helping men and women relate to each other more authentically, deeply, and passionately. 

His personal story is one of growing up with sexual repression and working through the effects of that, which led him to deeply explore his own sexuality and masculinity.

Dave runs workshops and retreats both in Australia and internationally, as well as coaching private clients. Outside these arenas you'll probably find him surfing a wave around Byron Bay or sitting back with a cup of tea somewhere peaceful. 



Helena is one of Australia’s leading sexperts and Tantra teachers. She is a mentor, author, speaker and lover. Helena is a a certified sex therapist, embodied counsellor and Tantra practitioner. She is passionate about helping her clients create amazing sex lives.

Helena is the author of ‘Legendary Lover’, a unique program which outlines her 6-step methodology to make sex both profound and ecstatic. She also facilitates Tantric Sisters Circles for women. 

After years of sexual despair, she finally discovered the life-changing rituals of Tantra. Since then, she has relentlessly pursued knowledge and skill in the fine art of sex, attending training events all over the world and working with a wide range of clients to help them become masterful lovers.