- Appreciation -


“Unlike many people, I’ve had quite a bit of experience with purchasing the assistance of different coaches. David is amongst the best. He has a native capability to intuitively find the question that unlocks the next layer of my understanding. Each layer, a freedom from the last. I certainly recommend his services to anyone who feels like they are stuck, flailing around on the surface of some limitation that they just can’t seem to see or understand.”

-       Justin Connor, Strategic Conversation Facilitator

“I spent an enormous of time agonising over what I was doing, and how, but rarely exploring in any depth why it is that I was doing anything. Working with Dave helped me to move beyond goals to form a deep appreciation of ‘why’. This was crucial for me. Working in a field where complex problems are the currency means processes are always emergent and outcomes are often intangible, so comfort with ambiguity is essential. This, coupled with a relentless oscillation between self-directed, independent work and high-stress, fast–paced group activity, contribute to the need for a deep appreciation of why I'm doing what I do.

Through a series of thoughtful and productive conversations Dave helped me to articulate a sense of purpose that was truly internal and aspirational. We found a path through the stress and complexity to a series of clear options and next steps. This process has given me the drive (and tools) to navigate the complexity of my work, and contributed enormously to my life by helping me to appreciate the ‘why’, and giving me the confidence and conviction to work towards my own vision of success.”

-       Will Scott-Kemmis, Design Consultant

“If you’re a small business owner, you often don’t have the benefit of a senior management team to call on for discussions around strategy and direction. David worked with me to provide some business coaching for my consultancy which was hugely valuable. He really helped me to separate issues into distinct buckets and then helped me to identify the core problems that needed addressing under each business category. David didn’t give me the answers but helped me uncover them for myself which is even more powerful.”

- Caleb Hulme-Moir, Managing Director and Owner of Mana Communications