The first pic above shows me at a time when i was working as a business consultant in a job I wasn’t passionate about. I was unfulfilled, living a part-Tinder part pick-up casual-sex lifestyle that was emotionally empty. I had a whole bunch of shame I hadn’t dealt with due to growing up with sexual repression, which was at times causing me to increasingly spiral into some pretty negative emotional states. I was fucked up and pissed off at a deep level, and really wanted to figure out what was holding me back from living an authentic and magnificent existence - with work, with women, with all areas of my life.

The second pic shows me earlier this year just before leading a men’s retreat in Byron Bay, focusing on masculinity, sexuality, and relationships with women. The transformation I went through to get to this point involved finally facing the immense shame I carried around my sexuality, my neediness around women I was attracted to, and the frustrations around not ldoing something in the world that really lit me up. The transformational point for me was all about going into my feelings around this that I had been suppressing. Shame, fear, anger, and deep beneath those three: sadness. Sadness at growing up without a natural sexual growth and development. Sadness at being severely bullied in my early high school years and feeling a strong loneliness throughout my life as a result, often feeling I didn’t really have a tribe anywhere where I was welcomed and belonged.

I brought all this up into the light where it could be seen. And by doing this over and over again my heart steadily became free of it. I finally relaxed into myself in a way that I had never known before.

My work in the world is now about helping men have:
- greater clarity around the vision of the man you want to be in the world
- greater clarity around your sense of purpose in the world
- the ability to relate to women you’re attracted to without feeling needy
- the fundamentals of sexual self-mastery, including the ability to make love to a woman for as long as you want to
- the initial practices towards being able to experience multiple, full-body, non-ejaculatory energetic orgasms
- a deep understanding of what women want in the depths of their hearts and how to give them that
- ability to hold space for and welcome a woman’s strong emotional expression without shutting down

Don’t accept a life of misery spent running away from the shit you need to deal with in order to live an extraordinary life. Face it. Go into it. Your gratitude will be immense.