Transformational coaching for people who want to live an extraordinary life


I'm Dave McDermott. 
I'm a transformational coach.
I work with a select group of private clients who are ready to engage with me at an elite-level.  
People I'm interested in working with at this level EITHER have a truly interesting and inspiring vision that they’re willing to go all out to achieve OR they're at a point where they really really want to be clear about what that thing is that they can give their whole heart to, but that they just haven't found it yet! 
If you’re in either of those positions right now, then keep reading. 
I serve my clients through powerful conversations that help them realise their deepest dreams.
I know what it’s like to feel powerless and I know what it’s like to feel powerful. Paradoxically, having a deep understanding of the state of powerlessness has helped me to see the great power lying dormant in the clients I work with, and support them to see it for themselves.   
I’ve invested countless hours and a great deal of money in my own growth, and I’ve learnt along the way that the most powerful conversations happen when I throw all frameworks away and stay at the razor's edge with the person in front of me.
You are an explorer and a seeker. You are willing to try things and fail, knowing that actually there is no failure, only feedback. When you wonder what it might be like to try something, you give it a go rather than procrastinate. You are willing to be vulnerable and step into places and spaces which might be uncomfortable for you. 
When you look back through your life so far, you realise that the question “What do I really love?” has been a central driver in the choices you’ve made. You’re not satisfied just going along with the crowd. You often go against the grain because you want to be bold and take a stand in the world, not just be swept along by the forces of social and cultural conditioning.
You understand that ‘where attention goes, energy flows’, so you seek out people, places, things, and habits that rejuvenate you and help you grow in the direction you want to, rather than those that drain your energy and hold you back from living the authentic life of integrity you truly want. 
You’re committed to going to the depths of what lies beneath areas where you feel powerless and overwhelmed, and you’re not willing to accept that anything can hold you back forever.
You’ve met people who are doing extraordinary things in the world, so you know it’s possible to live a bold, powerful, and authentic life, clear about your purpose.  
You are, or you want to be, vulnerable about the most painful parts of your story, because you know that’s where the greatest source of your power lies. 
If you resonate deeply with what you’ve just read, then let’s talk.
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I look forward to speaking with you.

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